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Welcome to Dance Technics, the "studio of all dance styles"!
Discover that your opportunities are truly as diverse as the music! Our highly professional staff motivates students of all ages to produce an excellent curriculum. Our curriculum currently includes all levels of:

Swing, Salsa, West Coast Swing,
Argentine Tango, Latin, Ballroom,
Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Irish Step
Ballet, Pointe, Creative Dance

Detailed descriptions on our classes are listed below.

Irish Step - Dancing dates back to the Spanish invasion in Ireland. At Dance Technics, we preserve the traditional roots of this dance. Filled with an infectious rhythm and dynamic energy - students will master various jigs and reels for both recreation and performance. Classes are available to dancers ages 6 through adult. Ghillie and hard sole shoes are required.

Creative Dance - This is an excellent program for younger dancers ages 3-6. Students will be introduced to the basic fundamentals of classical dance (tap and ballet) in a setting that is expressive, and imaginative. Sources such as shapes, sounds, and story telling techniques are used as tools for learning and retaining information. A great introduction to dance and basic movement.

Hip Hop classes incorporate the fundamentals of contemporary funk through various popping, breaking, and flexing techniques. All warm-ups include stretches emphasizing strength, flexibility, endurance, and musicality. Dance choreography is influenced by music videos, films, and Broadway shows.

Tap - Jazz Tap is the primary tap technique taught at Dance Technics. Most recognized by dancers such as Gregory Hines and Sammy Davis Jr., jazz tap focuses on the interpretation and progression of various rhythms and sounds. Other techniques such as turns, jumps, and smooth footwork are also incorporated.

"Dance Technics is a great and convenient location for my daughter to go to dance. The teachers are very professional and they offer a wide variety of dance styles. The schedules are great for a working parent and they are always willing to accommodate around every ones busy schedule. I would highly recommend Dance Technics." - Paula Rothwell, parent
Jazz classes at Dance Technics incorporate the techniques of many great jazz masters and choreographers. Warm-ups are influenced by pioneers such as Luigi and Gus Giordano. Jazz combinations reflect the work of choreographers such as Bob Fosse and Jerome Robbins. Jazz classes at Dance Technics are a wonderful combination of traditional, contemporary, and funky jazz.

Ballet and Pointe classes combine French and Italian technique and terminology. Students build foundation through barre exercises, centre tondu, waltz rhythms, across the floor allegros, and centre adagio combinations. Ballet classes at Dance Technics focus on increasing strength while allowing students to develop balance, poise, classical lines, and artistic expression. Pointe work is designed for dancers ages 12 and up.

Lyrical is a mix between traditional ballet dance and jazz dance. Lyrical dance is choreographed to the "lyrics" of the song.

Acro is a tumbling/acrobatic class that begins with simple stunts such as somersaults and cartwheels, then gets progressively more difficult, learning stunts such as aerials, front handsprings, etc.

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Dance Technics provides the most comprehensive partner-dancing program North of Boston. Ballroom and Latin classes focus on all levels of Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, and Rumba. Social and International styles of each dance are taught - allowing students to obtain a better understanding on the different dynamics of partner dancing.

Authentic Partner Dances Include the Following:

Salsa - also known as mambo, originates from Cuba. Interpretation of rhythm, syncopation of footwork, and turning sequences are incorporated with partnering technique.

Argentine Tango - Passionate and elegant, students will become more in tune with their partner through learning the way of walking. More intricate patterns include ochos, secadas, boleos, ganchos, planeos, and molientes. There are many different rhythms of tango danced in Buenos Aires. At Dance Technics, we focus primarily on Pugliese, and Milonga Traspie.

Other Authentic Latin Dances taught at Dance Technics are Merengue and Bachata.

American Partner Dances taught at Dance Technics include Swing, West Coast Swing, and Hustle.

Swing - Fast, energetic, and fun, Swing gained popularity during the Big Band Era with musicians such as Count Basie, and Glenn Miller. Swing can also be danced to 50's Rock N Roll music. Swing made a big come back in the late 1990's with bands such as the Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, and the Brian Setzer Orchestra. Swing classes are available for children, teens, and adults.

West Coast Swing originates from California and the American Band Stand. A smoother, sleeker style of Swing, West Coast Swing is adaptable to any kind of music. Most often it is danced to rhythm and blues, jazz, and dance pop music.

? Hustle - originating from the disco era, Hustle is a fast, slotted dance. Hustle can either be danced to disco music of the 1970's or contemporary techno and dance pop music.

In addition to classes, Dance Technics provides specialized services, which include private lessons, semi private lessons, and wedding dance packages. Other services include organizing student and professional showcases for private parties, corporate events, and special performances. Dance Technics also hosts monthly dances at the Lafayette Club in Amesbury every fourth Saturday.

New programs include dance/performance troupes in conjunction with a scholarship/work study program. Scholarships are awarded based on merit and financial need. To learn more, please contact the studio directly.

For over 15 years, Dance Technics has served the community with an acclaimed cultural performing arts center. Dance Technics provides expert instruction, innovative choreography, and a highly professional staff. We want to thank the community for their continued support. The growth of our programs is made possible by the continued support and recommendation from our students.

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